Can you advise me a good render farm?

I was using free render farm Sheep IT but its annoying because has a lot of very sad limitations. So i need to pay probably for something good. I heard that Render Street is good and not expensive. Can you proove it or recommend your own render farm/ Thanks

try they have a no cc info $25 free trial, my favorite.

Are you just looking for an online farm, or are you looking fora render manager to build your own? If the later, Smedge is fantastic


At the moment i am looking for online render farm. It whould be great to build my own but i think it whould cost me a tone of money/// hassle and many nights of insomnia. Unless you have a quick and nice video tutorial how to do it in case of this Smedge. Never heard of Smedge.

Thnks Photox for the advise as well and at the moment i am trying to use this 25 dollars. But whole day cannot download my project to their server. Its kind of downloading and stops on a halfway. Blenders addon always shows 0 percent of download and simple way of downloading make it to around 70 percent and stops. Maybe its because 430 mb of size of my blend file i dont know maybe they have some limits on 25 dollars version. Maybe its bad internet connection but i did so many attempts to download blend file and it stucks always

Also i have a question. If i have 5000 frames of animatioon. Each frame takes around 20 minutes to render.
Silver plan for 50 dollars will be good for me or for such a long time render i will need to pay a lot more?

OK. Finally downloaded. And I like it. My 25 free dolarrs gone after 86 frames of animation we’re rendered.
But I need 5000 and I am a student. Hopefully plans they have are a lot cheaper than rendering without buying a plan

@Silverland, another choice is Fox online render farm which also offers $20 free credits for trying. And the good news is they have the educational discount for students and teachers, excellent 50% off discount compared with the regular pricing. Please contact their customer service for more details.

GarageFarm.NET offers free $25 credits for trying the service. They have educational programm as well. Blender self-service add-on works very well so fully automaticated service is very simple in use. Educational programm is available just contact the support and give them more details about your project. There are no limitations with downloading rendered frames, you get them instantly after they are rendered.

@Silverland: We do have the RenderStreet One plan, with a flat fee of $50 / month, render all you can. We have some users that rendered tens of thousands of frames with the program, it may work for your movie too.

Hi Marius,its you? its me, Viktor. You already know me :slight_smile: and i am already registered there and you recommended me Render Street One already.:smiley:

Yes, I’m the one who wrote this time. Nice meeting you here as well Viktor, I hope all goes well :slight_smile: If you have any questions or issues with RS One drop us a line on the contact form in the site, we answer faster there.


I’m using this one =>


I am still using this free render farm as well for small projects or still images. But limitations are annoying - RENDER SHALL not be longer than 20 min per frame on your own computer (not mentioning that it calculates it in a weird way - i found sometimes it took 15 minutes on my comp per frame but my project still was blocked - probably because it calculates power of your computer even when you are playing games or rendering something - but of course at that time it will not show them real performance of our computer - but its only my guess). More min allowed only if you not using compositor. Not allowed scripts - but i very often use Make Human - and when MH character has a rig - it didnt render properly (in my case) Also Size of the blend file which allowed to download - not more that 500 mb. Also for some reason i have problems with rendering smoke there. And overall Sheep IT not rendering very fast and sometimes you have to wait in a queue for a quite a while. But because its free - its more than enough…i like it anyway :smiley:

You can try hereif you just want a small project rendered out. GPU based rendering for cycles. Takes a while but saves a lot of cash and goes for a good cause.