Can you apply new modifiers to a Duplicate Linked object without unlinking it?

I have a single, solid mesh, let’s say it’s a cube. I duplicate that cube (linked) with alt + S. Now if I modify the original cube, my changes are made to both cubes, great. What I want to do is then apply a modifier to only the new cube. Specifically the solidify modifier. The application of this is to basically create a “skin” over the original object.

To make things more complicated I would then like to use the boolean subtract modifier to subtract the new “skin” cube from the original cube, so that the original cube is just the “bone” of the object.

I want to be able to do this just with the modifiers so I can continue to edit the original object as one but then (when it comes to exporting them for 3D printing) I will be able to just make the modifiers visible again and export it as two objects, the bone and the skin.

I would love to know if this is or isn’t possible, and if so how it can be done.

Many Thanks.

Have you actually tried just adding a modifier to one of two linked objects and also adding a boolean modifier to one of those linked objects and subtracting the second ?

If not I suggest you do so and you will find out if “I would love to know if this is or isn’t possible” is possible.

As a clue, both cubes are linked duplicates