Can you bake all layers to their own images in one swoop?

I’ve been searching for a while and can’t find an answer. Can you bake each layer (diffuse, spec, normal, etc…) to it’s own image in one shot? I’ve been doing them one at a time manually.

You could - there is a new addon for baking on the Market…

hm. That really is the only option?

The only addon I see in the shop looks more like an import than an export tool. Is this the one you are talking about eppo?

This is exactly what I was looking for. Downside for me is that all of my mats are in the BI and not Cycles. I really need to get versed in Cycles.

i’n I remember well
if you save it as EXR it will save everything into same file !

is it what u want ?

happy bl

No Ricky. I want to click the bake button just once and have it make one image for diffuse, a second image for spec, a 3rd for normal, and so on. Right now I click bake for just one of those render layers, click to save the image, click to change from diffuse to normal, click bake again, save the new image, and repeat until I have 4-5 different image maps for each of the layers.

I did not try it in cycles yet but there is the combine one that should do all images
I ask question in bake thread to get a tut on this
so will see if there is a nice tut on it

but should be possible to get all images after doing the combine bake

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