Can you customize what actions go into the "undo queue"?

So like, camera movements don’t go into the undo queue. I would like to exclude timeline scrubbing.

It would help speed up workflow when doing 2d animation in grease pencil. Generally there is a lot of: draw stroke > scrub frame > feel out movement > undo stroke > draw new stroke. Ideally, the only action queued up would be the strokes, but I’ve noticed that once I scrub I have to press undo 2 or three times before the initial line goes away making me suspect that the timeline navigation is also being stored in the undo queue.

So is there anyway to make some sort of exclusion for what actions go into the ‘undo queue’?

No just Steps and Memory Limit and i just discovered that time line naviagation without content change is stored in the undo buffers… (never thought that this would be the case).