can you draw on the sphear?

i want to know when i change a texture can you draw on the main sphear not on the uv image editor?

What sphere ?

If you mean the sphere in the materials panel - NO

If you mean painting on some sphere you have in the 3d view:
If you’e uv unwrapped your object and created a texture in the UV image editor change the 3d view to Texture Paint and you can paint directly on your model.
If you set the display to Multitexture and Textured Solid you don’t need to use the objects material texture. If you set the display to GLSL you will need to add the texture to the objects material and ensure you have sufficient lighting in your scene.

i dont mean just the sphear but can you draw on the 3d view
not on the uv

wrong post. plz delete

If you are talking about adding lines , arcs, naration etc, then yes, you can via grease pencil. Just enable it and draw by pressing “D” using left mouse button.
If you are talking about texturing, then you need to be in Texture Paint mode. but first, your model needs to be unwrapped.