can you extrude an edge coplanar?

i have a face and i would like to extrude one edge coplanar in regards to the face, like making the face longer but having the extra extruded face. does this work in blender and how?

set select mode to edge select and select the edge, press E key , then
alt + spacebar and select the normal from popup menu
then move the new edge from arrow. That should do it

Press the “Hand” icon so that the transform widget is active. Change the drop down menu close to it to “Normal” – select the edge, extrude, esc, and use the widget to move the new edge coplanar.


thanks for the tips. i will try them out tomorrow.

i tried to follow your tips but maybe i am doing something wrong. see the attached screen pic. it shows the object and the selected edge. i want to crate a new face going “down” to enlarge the face “on top” of the edge. but the normal of the axis is not coplanar (within the face).

when i press e and then move the mouse or arrow keys even if i try to restrict to an axis the resulting new face is nowwhere near coplanar.

please forgive me if am doing something wrong but i am more of a beginner.


I can’t get this to work right with Normal coordinates either. However if the face is perfectly flat, you can use this workaround:

Select the entire face from which you want to extrude. Press Numpad-* to align the view to the face. Instead of setting the widget to Normal, set it to View. Select your edge, E to extrude, and use the widget to drag it coplanar (or just use the G-key for less constrained movements in the viewing plane).

And while it’s in the topic.
Is it a lack of feature that xkey,ykey,zkey constraints in tranform actions always are in global system, regardless of what system I’ve chosen?
Or did I miss something?
It works as I’d like when I use the widget, but not with the key contraints.

Be well

Pressing X Y or Z once constrains to global coordinates.
Twice (such as R-Z-Z) constrains to local coordinates.

Shift-(axis) locks an axis and constrains transformations to the remaining plane. Example: S,Shift-X constrains scaling to the global YZ plane. S,Shift-X,Shift-X constrains scaling to the local YZ plane.

thanks for the num* tip. this is a good workaround!

Thanks a lot! That will make my day! And if I press three times, will it constrain to Normal coordinates? (just asking)

Be well

@lightning: glad it works for you

if I press three times, will it constrain to Normal coordinates

Hehe, I wish there were a Normal hotkey but no, 3 times just turns off constraints.