Can you help me with a dragon wing membrane

Hi all,

I’ve built a dragon in Blender. The problem I’m having is with the membrane between the fingers of the wing. I have tried weight painting the membrane, but it feels very stiff when the wings flap. I have also tried using a cloth modifier on the membrane and then pinning it to the bones, but I dont understand the cloth modifier enough to make it work. Is the cloth modifier the right way to go? if so can you suggest a good tutorial about using the cloth modifier, or does anyone have any other suggestions as to how best to make the membrane flow with the bones, when they move,

Thanks alot


It’s possible to do it with cloth or softbodies but that would be pretty finicky and hard to control. I would use corrective shape keys instead. Make a basis shapekey and add one more shapekey. Select the pose (or create a pose) when the membrane should move. Select the new shape key, change the value to 1, enter pose mode and sculpt the membrane to move. Then, just animate the shape key going from 0 to 1.

You could also add another shape key with the membrane going the other way, and you could animate the keys to quickly go from 1 to 0 (and from 0 to 1 on the other shape key) after each other creating a kind of sine wave (or wave motion). This could make the membrane look less stiff.

Hi Cyaoeu,

thats a really good suggesion, I havent used shape keys which are effected by poses before, I will give this a go