Can you help me with curve to mesh text

I am using curve to mesh to extrude text but if I fill cap it covers the whole thing . I know i can use extrude node and my problem is solved but i lose all the flexibility of editing the curve and making some animation im working on.

any way/hack to fill curve the desired way???

If you may show the geometry nodes… then maybe someone can suggest something…

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what nodetree dude? curve to mesh with a string-curve as a profile are the only 2 nodes

Make your own caps:

Good luck.


I have tried your way already it didn’t work with a set curve tilt node so I didn’t think to bring it up . I used a different way of aligning euler to vector rotation but your way didnt work either. thanks for trying though

Well I’m not 100% sure I get what you’re after, it would have been cool to better illustrate the result you want !

I’d try that :
1/ take the original curve text and use fill curve , that is going to be the cap.

2/ You do your thing with the curve to mesh, and you separate only the endpoint, that is the part you want to fill.
That should give you a outline of your text.

3/ I’d transfer the position of the outline made in 2 to the caps made in 1.

Good luck !

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Works just fine with tilt:

You’re clearly just doing it wrong.

Try harder.


You need at least maybe something like this:

Anyway: there are some possibilities to set up a node network (and in general they are not a trees )…

…so if this is so obvious for you… then why ask anyway ?? :person_shrugging:

Good luck.

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YESS I am… I locked the pivot to the Z-axis…thanks

dude, I don’t know why you are being so toxic, maybe you read my comment in the wrong way (like this) LOL but you need to cool down man . Sorry if I caused your heart rate to spike.

If I was to appoint the label “toxic” to anyone in this thread it would be you.

If you’re going to expect people to sacrifice their own time to answer your questions, please try be less rude and show more humility.

Please take some time for self-reflection.

Good luck.


I’ll say exactly what I said to the other guy …i didn’t say anything to “offend” you …it may have come off the wrong way but doesn’t warrant being toxic in return.also i apologized for something i didn’t even do so you can calm down.

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