Can you help me with ilumination?

I’m making a roof and the roofing tiles on the top seems not to get the same amount of light than the othes.

Can you help me with this?
Thank you very much!!!

Another question:
Is it possible to lock an object, so it can not be edited or moved?
Thank you!!

do you use different materials for the top and the other tiles? if not you may wanna check the normals. …

The material is the same and the normals and pointing in the right direction.
The color of the verts is white and i don’t even used (Light) when painting the verts.

Do you have any other clues?

Thank you!

Did you turn on the subsurf for the central row (darker) tiles? They look rougher than the others… Also check setsmooth…

Here is a part of the roof. Maybe it is easier to find the error!

Thank you again!

Select one of the top tiles, enter edit mode select all the verts, de-select double sided and set smooth again.

I have run into this before, why it happens I don’t know, but now I never have any of my meshes double sided if its going to be smoothed.

image with one tile changed:


Is it possible to lock an object, so it can not be edited or moved?

You can do this with scenes – see the “Set scene as set”

Add a new scene and set the original scene as a set in the new scene. Then the object from the first scene won’t be editable in the second scene.
** end edit **

What is the difference between a single-sided mesh and a double-sided mesh?

For rendering there is not “supposed” to be any difference (always rendered double sided). In the modelling window single sided meshes show black on one side and the material on the other (the direction the normal is pointing). Single sided meshes give you visual feedback if a normal is pointing in the wrong direction which can cause problems later.

In the above case the normals were all correct so it should have rendered correctly, but it appears that the set smooth option occasionally acts differently on single and double sided meshes – I haven’t been able to figure out why it sometimes works differently, a bug perhaps.


Thanks. That button was another one of those buttons that I no idea what it did…

this is funny - can you suplly a .blend?

Thank you GreyBeard, you’ve saved alot of work already done!!!

I don’t know what happen with this roof, but is getting me crazy!

Now, with just enter Editmode and out again, and the tiles change color.
I’ve changed the lights position, could it be of that?

Help me again!! :expressionless:

Here is the file: Just enter and leave Editmode.