Can you help me with the topology?


I have little problem with modeling actually anything. I can do the things in the shape I want to and theyll look ok for me, but the topology is all the time so horrible.

I dont know what to do with it. I’ve tried to read some tutorials etc but it have not helped me for creating better.

Here is some new model i’ve created and there you can actually see the problem. Especially in his head.

As for the thanks about your help ill give this model for you and the blender community for free. You can use it in your own projects if you want to.

I know that you’re seen better and its not a finished object but its ok.


ukkeli.blend (90.9 KB)

a lot of times, “good” topology is the same as putting edges where different parts would fit together, or where a soft thing would naturally crease and fold.

When I want to think about topology I do a couple of things. First, I don’t use ‘Smooth’ shading option, I’ll turn it on from time to time to check how the model looks. I also don’t use the subsurf modifier while modeling, here again, just turning it on from time to time to check how it looks. Try turning both of those off, now you can see how the model really looks. If you want to focus on topology, don’t hide it…


Hey, thanks. That helped a lot. :smiley:

Probably i have too much of time, but i started for minding something about that theorem…

Actually if you change the word “topology” with any substantive you can find, it always is true with little changes… :smiley:

Like this:

If you want to focus on blender, don’t hide it then…
If you want to focus on your friends, don’t hide from them…
If you want to focus on love, don’t hide it from yourself…
If you want to focus on life, don’t hide from it…