Can you help me with Water caustics and Volume to achieve depth effect

Hi,i want to create a scene with an ocean where camera sees both surface and depth. Long story short i want to achieve something like this

I tried using volume and scatter along with PBR Materials ocean shader. but it didnt give result i wanted.
My scene is rock island where tiny part of it is submerged in water and sits on the bottom of ocean.

I don’t think Eevee has the technical capability to create something like that. You could render out a caustics pattern in cycles and use it as an animated texture in eevee if you wanted, however. As for the volume… I’m not too sure. I’d experiment with volume scatter and maybe some kind of spot lamp thing.

Alternatively, you may be able to render a caustics pass in cycles, and render everything else in eevee, using the technique shown in this video. I’m not sure if 2.8 works with the compositor yet, though.