Can you merge multiple objects at once?

Hey so I’ve always wondered if there was a way to merge multiple objects at once instead of having to take two objects and hit control+J I wish you could select as many as you want and hit control+J for it all to be together but It’s ok if there isn’t a way it would just be nice anyway thanks guys!!!

Shift select to select multiple objects then just hit ctrl+j. Or box select, doesn’t matter as long as you end up with a highlighted active selection in the end. Blender just needs the active selection to know what object to merge everything into.

If I want to join several objects to a specific item, I get them all in one layer, select the itme I want to be the final “target”, CTRL+I to invert selection, Shift_click my target then Ctrl+J. If it’s difficult to isolate the target once all other objects are selected, you can use the outliner to select it rather than the 3D viewport.