Can you model and object using Blender 2.8, and then use that object in Blender 2.79?

I’m interested in using the 2.8 beta version of blender but the main reason I haven’t yet is because I’m making a game with Blender 2.79’s game engine. I know that BGE was removed as of 2.8, but am I able to model an object in 2.8 and then load the file in 2.79? If not can I append the object into a 2.79 file?:thinking:

on win 64 you can cut and paste it to 2.79 from 2.8
but I think there is some color differences on mat
not certain how to correct that!

now I doubt that it will pass the EEVEE mat which does not really exit in 2.79 - did not test that

append seems to work too for simple mesh things !
but won’t work with all objects I guess!

happy cl

Thanks that great to know! The game I’m modeling is low poly implying solid colored mats (this is the image I’m using for textures).


I’ve heard modeling in 2.8 has been significantly improved from 2.79, glad to know I can use it for things like game assets.:grin:

as I said after appending to 2.79 color might change
not certain why!

try it and see if it works well for what you want

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It is my impression that the two file formats are not backward- compatible . . . if you’ve got a big investment going in 2.79, I think I’d stay there, at least for that project.

Yeah. That’s what I thought but then I realized I’ve been using versions 2.5 and 2.79 for the same project file with no issue (my school computers don’t all support 2.79 for some reason). That’s why I was wondering if the same went for 2.8. I’ll just have a backup save file if something gets broken.