Can You please do something for me?

Hi I just recieved some files in extension .blend and i need them to be exported in .3ds but problem is that when I used latest stable version exporter didnt work, I couldnt export anything with any scripts, tryed many ways, well then I downloaded latest beta version, it was almost good, but every exported version (every file format) was broken, I used older versions but it didnt work either, so can u please esport for me these files and add them here on reply please?

Try using 2.49b

Tryed that didnt work

If you can’t successfully convert the file, probably everyone else would have the same issue, as they would be using the same versions of blender you have. Do you need the objects to keep the animation? If not delete it to minimise the risk of export failure and try again. You may have more success with other file formats such as a .obj
Other than that I can’t help any further.

Tryed both things, didnt work, so can u please export it for me and upload?