Can you please explain this mesh deformation?

random faces generated at some point. but I modeled this piece early on and have not touched it since and it was fine any idea what has caused this? how can I get rid of it? the faces are not selectable when in edit mode.

Which piece? Are you sending it telepathically?


omg so sorry new to the forums i forgot to update it

Were you using a plugin or addon that you no longer have? You said this was an old file, so I’m guessing you made it in 2.7~? Maybe bringing it into 2.8 broke it…

Difficult to say, I would for sure subdivide the n-gons, also remove duplicates, reset object scale.
You could try and post some more images of the objects in edit mode.

no made in 2.8 with box cutter and hard ops

how do i “remove duplicates”

In edit mode, select all and Mesh>Vertices>Remove Doubles

If you’re really out of luck activate “3d printing toolbox” addon (already in Blender), and use “check all” button to find all broken geometry.