Can you recommend a cheap render farm


I need to render 2000 animation frames and it is taking too long on my own computers so I’m for the first time considering a render farm.

Can you recommend a cheap render farm for Blender? I remember reading about a render farm that had a big discount for Blender users but I can’t find it anymore.

I am aware that there are totally free render farms like, but since this is a commercial production, I cannot make the animation available publically, which AFAIK is the case with open render farms like

Any tips would be appreciated!


Please Skype me on - we are not free but MUCH cheaper than competitors. :wink:


Sorry, wrong thread

I got a free trial on , it’s pretty fast, considerding putting more works on it.

The problem with Fox is that after your trial will run out the prices are more than scary. Honestly, you can get your scenes rendered somewhere else for fraction of their fees. free and works great. cycles works too.

Render farm mozg4d
cheap and good quality.

you can try

fast and cheap with excellent service.

I used Fox all the time. and yestoday I found that they updated their price! the newest price that charged me is $0.12 per core per hour!
very surprised! the only problem is they are too busy!!

hi, i know the fox render farm,it is professional in CG Arena,and it is not expensive, i think it is suitable for you,thanks.

300 GhZ of rendering power is available with no less than 120-130 at any time, guaranteed ! Shold anyone be generally interested for this kind of fair, friendly and reliable tech. support, he/she is more than welcome ! The quote is made per individual case based on a test and with very appealing pricing, affordable to everyone. For further info please, contact via: [email protected]