Can you render and export passes at the same time to seperate folders?

Hey guys,
Im doing an animation and im trying to do the following. There’s an element that I need seperated from the rest of the scene, to have a matte mask in after effects to work with it. So im using cryptomatte to do get the images I need for the sequence. Just a basic black image with the object in white.

However, I also need to render out the sequence ‘normally’… for obvious reasons.

My question is… is there any way to render out the sequence once…but get both passes exported simultanously and to seperate folders?

or do I have to render the animation twice?


You might want to check out render passes, the FileOutput node in compositor and/or cryptomatte features which I believe should give you want you want (and more).

Perhaps this might be a good start:

Happy blending!

Yes those File output nodes are working for me…thanks a lot @pxlpaul !

The MultiLayer OpenEXR file format might also be useful here.

These files were originally designed (by ILM …) to store lossless rendering output data for intermediate purposes. The “MultiLayer” extension was added by the Blender Foundation, and quickly adopted because it puts multiple named layers of data in a single file. It is intended to be "a file of numbers."