Can you reset multiple rotated objects to a central position???

I decided to start a project to aid in learning some basics of blender. I am trying to model my bike, and so far I am quite happy with it.

Not really ever fully understanding how to make parenting work I have used it for my model and found it does what I wanted it to. However, my problem is now I have many many object parented together, but alot of them are not in alignment with each other.

This was a while ago so therefore well beyond the undo feature.

Is there a way to reset all the objects to a central point whereby they are at 0 rotations in all planes? If so I could Unparent the objects and move them so they are all aligned and then parent them again.

Can it be done? and if so how???

Also, regarding the join feature. I assume you have to apply any modifers before hand i.e. Subsurf. And does joing multiple objects still allow them to have individual colurs/textures?

Thanks in advance.


for unparent the obj select them all ant push ALT+P

for reset rotation just select all objs and press ALT+R (or go to Object > clear/aply > clea rotation )

If you use joint all the object take the modifier of the last object that you have selected and loose their own. (you can check in the down/left side of the viewport)


Thankyou so much.

That has done exactly what I wanted it to.