Can you sell a blender project (Stand alone -> exe)?

Originally, I thought you could sell anything you’ve developed with Blender, but after reading some threads about gameKit I’m not sure anymore. I guess if you convert your .blend project into a standalone .exe apperently there are some legal issues that arise when selling it :eek:? If I’m understanding what I read this morning correctly, gamekit is the solution to this because it converts your project into something else that then becomes free to sell. :confused:

Can anyone clarify this for me? I wasn’t intending on selling any of the projects I’m currently working on, but I certainly would like to have that option in the future. :cool:

You are free to sell GPL software, but you are required to have the source code available upon request. If you pack a blendfile into the blenderplayer, the blendfile arguably becomes GPL as well (the blenderplayer is GPL). The most common way around this is to have a simple blend that just loads the blendfile you want to play. Bundle that simple one into the blenderplayer, then only that one file gets affected by the GPL.

Thank you for your quick response. So if I just create a “launcher” blend file and package that I won’t have to supply source code for actual project (only the launcher will have the GPL applied to it). Ok, that works, but that raises another question. How do I protect my other blend files that aren’t converted into a exe? Leaving them as simple .blend files leaves them accessable to anyone with blender. Is there another system in place to protect these files?

Or alternatively, encrypt the blend file, and when the loader executable wants to load the game, unencrypt and load in the unencrypted file.

They appear to work for me. Maybe you could try a different browser.