Can you set a coin on fire for me? Logo needed...

Hello Blender community,

I am an entrepreneur, starting a new business. I need a logo which I want to be animated, that’s why I am reaching out in this forum. What I need is a flaming coin. A dime or quarter standing up on edge facing the viewer. I want it to be on fire, but without smoke. It might be good to have a small part of the coin consumed (burned away.) Now for some details, I’d like it to be photo-realistic, but web friendly (is that possable?) A transparent background would be very important. I’d need four different sizes, 57x57, 114x114, and 640x960, and 1024x1024. At least 16 images looped to look transparent when repeated.

What do you get on of it? If I get a good enough offering I’d be willing to pay $50 for your work. I have very little money right now, this logo will really help in initial pitching. The image is intended to become very well known, household recognition is the general idea. On the webpage the logo will have a hover popup indicating your name or (design) business, as well as in the credits for the page/apps. Your services will be at the for-front for future art/design needs.

If I am in the wrong forum or venue please let me know, or better, guide me in the right direction.

Thank you,

DavCorn - CoinFire, LLC

We need more details.

Which coin denomination do you want to be put on fire?(eg. 50c, 25c???)
Do you want it in a gif format? that’ll lose some image quality. Background can be made transparent though.
Do you want the logo looped?
Do you want the animation to last 16 frames?

Good questions:

  1. US denomination (for now:yes:.) A dime, 10c, or a quarter 25c.
  2. Probably gif, though individual PNG files could work as well, I’ll handle the animation with dhtml. Should be with a transparent background, if that’s too difficult or ugly let me know but make the background easily changeable if needed.
  3. Looping? Kind of answered above. First and last image need to be similar to help with a seamless animation effect.
  4. 16 frames seemed good, but can be more if it looks better.

Lot’s of details, but I am not really too picky. I’d love other concepts to show your artistic talents (i.e. small pile of coins, etc,) but it must be of (a) coin(s) on fire, and look professional. I’d like photo realistic (we’re not using too many colors,) but am open to whatever looks nice.

Remember, no smoke.

Thank you, DavCorn

That is looking good., I was thinking a little smaller flame and mostly near the top half of the coin. Similar to
. Maybe a bit more (larger) flame and no background wording like my examples, and present day coin. Incidentally, the artist who did this for me fell through.


That is looking good., I was thinking a little smaller flame and mostly near the top half of the coin. Similar to
. Maybe a bit more (larger) flame and no background wording like my examples, and present day coin. Incidentally, the artist who did this for me fell through.

Something like this?

I can improve if you want to.

I edited my previous post to reflect this, with a quick example. I need maybe the top 1/4 of the coin on fire, not the whole thing, and the front (heads) of the coin would be preferred. Looking very good, great flame effect. Need the flame to be full from the onset, for the loop.

64 frames made to loop to create a seamless fire.
Will remove the test fire after dealing.
Just wanted to know is this OK?

Melt or burn a bit of two of the coin near the top. A little bit less fullness in the flame would look good. Any way to have the bottom of the flame much rougher (the line across is a problem.) 64 frames is a bit high if individual images. Is this still PNG’able with a transparent background? Looking great, really…

Flame curved,edge burned and now the animation is now 22 frames,
The thing is, the fire is simulated so No two frames are going to be same so i tried my best to make it seamless.
The first 4 seconds of the video will show the animation without any video editing
and the rest of the 4 seconds the animation is eased onto another making it seamless.
the video is 800x800.

and here is a sample frame rendered at 800x800 with background transparent and is in png format.So it is pngable but i’ll have to manually make the background transparent for every frame.

That is really coming along very nicely. I hate numbering items, but it helps to keep them separate: (Please tell me if I am getting too picky and if you are ok with this process of back and forth.) If it’s too much let me know.

  1. I mentioned that the flame is just a little bit too thick, I like the height, but too full around most of the flame.
  2. Around the edge of the coin (not where the flame is) there are anomalies, probably from the lighting when the picture was taken and/or cropped. Easy to see against a white/black background. I little fine editing will make that better. I could do that if needed.
  3. I know there needs to be contrasting colors for the flame effect to simulate movement. I put the single frame on a white background and the dark contrasts (red / browns / blacks) won’t do. Any ideas here? Any way to have the dark contrast color be the transparent background? or part of it? That would make the background the contrasting color. I hope that makes sense.
  4. I still want just a bit or two of the coin (probably needs to be in the flame) to be burnt away and/or melted. Not drastic at all, but just starting to “burn away” Similar to
    but not that drastic. (By the way, you can see the contrast color to the flame in the attached image changes from black to purple, that’s what I need (if possible) for the image to work with any background i throw it on.

I really do want to make sure this is working for you. This image will be such a big part of this business and help get it off the ground and running. Are the initial terms still ok for now?

Thank you, I appreciate your turn around speed and attention to detail on my requests. It’s looking great!


1.) I have no idea what you mean. please explain again.
2.) Can do that.
3.)Do you want the black outline of the flame to a seamless transition? i’ll see what i can do.
4.)Can do that too.

This’ll take some time as there is a power outage tomorrow.
Probably by wednesday.
Just clarify my doubts till tomorrow.

  1. The fire is too thick as most points of the flame. I’d like the fire to be less raging, maybe see through the flames a little bit more I guess is what I’m looking for.
  2. Take flametransparent.png and show it on a white background. There are some dark red / browns / almost blacks which should not be there. I think it’s contrasting color for the flame rendered with a black/dark background. Can the image(s) be rendered specifically with a transparent background? (maybe make the flames a darker red/orange if they are too bright.) Or do you have any ideas to have the image look great no matter the background used. The image you sent me privately (has the flames too bright.) I’m not sure if there is a good in between, or if I should have it rendered twice one for light and one for dark backgrounds.

Are you ok with all of this? Is it a challenge you are enjoying, or am I being too picky.

What I need is a burning coin like in flametransparent.png which looks just as good with any background. Do you think there is a way to do that with a single image / animation?

Again, great work, almost there.


i understand your 3rd point.
But i’ll try for point 1, i cannot guarantee but i’ll try to thin out the flame.
I’m ok with all of this.
gimme till tomorrow.

Thank you!

hey, my linux (lubuntu) has crashed following the latest update.
it’ll take one more day to sort this mess out., sorry for the delay.

I made the frames see-through.
Reduced the anomalies and add 16x Anti-aliasing.
This time, the image is rendered specifically with a transparent background so no contrasting colors.
The burned part of the coin is slightly burnt away according to your reference image.
So, now is this OK?

And here is the animation looped 9 times.

That looks great. One more thing what was mentioned twice by people I have shown this to. Could you bring the flame down the side of the coin on both sides a little bit more, kind of to a point, right now it’s a bit rounded at the edges of the flame. A sharper point would look more realistic. Could I get one of the frames in any format which uses the transparency and a png file for testing as well. 200x360 would be a good size for testing, and probably easiest for you. How much will you ask additional to get a dime ($.10) done the same way. It really looks great! Fantastic job. Do you have a paypal account that I can send you the payment? I have that set up on my end already. You can search for the user DavCorn on eBay to see my 100% positive feedback. I’ll actually send the money through my businesses paypal account, you’ll be my first payment. :slight_smile:

I’ll reply within 24 hours.

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