Can you simulate soft b's

I’m asking this since my character wip is coming to the point were I want to know. What I have is a strap that would hang from the character’s sleeve. I was wonder if its possible to set up a parenting system along with armatures so that the strap is attached to the sleeve but will sway around in response to the dynamic character moving his sleeve around using the engine to calculate the swinging.

edit: check post 8 and 9 and you’ll see what I mean if you can’t understand my less than stellar explanation.

Thanks for the help guys. Also that it will collide quasi nicely with the characters body. I’d just do this with a couple of extra planes around the body to handle the collisioins.

I don’t think you can do that without ragdoll physics (which is a hotly requested feature).

However, you can fake it. Just set some bones to the strap and animate it to correspond to the character’s actions.

Thanks toomai, I think I’ll just go easy on myself and axe the straps.

or you could use closely placed planes and physics constraints, but you may be moved to kill yourself when you finish…

This might not be what you are looking and it may be a bit labor intensive.

Check this thread.

This is how I attempted to do some cloth in the GE. Download the blend in the top message and check it out



wow that had to take awhile. I’ll stick with the easy route for now