Can you subsurf half an object??

Hi, I was making a building, and one half of it was square, while the other side had one big rounded edge, and I needed to subsurf the rounded bit only, is it possible to select a few vertices and subsurf them alone? If not, is there a way around this?


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It is hard to suggest how you should approach this without knowing what you have in your mind. But here is basic approach. Make the round part first; if you are using subsurf, apply it so you have real mesh to work with. Remove the faces where flat surface comes out, and just extrude those edges out to form flat side of building.

Here I made the round part of building from cylinder. And extruded flat side of building out and filled in the roof:

You could always split your object and on one half remove the subsurf modifier (modifiers are always applied to objects and not mesh). After applying the subsurf modifier on the other part you can join them again.

One possibility is to make some edges Mesh/Edges/Mark sharp, so subdivision does not affect these.

The subsivision surface modifer can’t affect part of a mesh yet, but you can use Edge Crease to affect how much selected edges are affected by it.

Select an edge an press Shift-E to add a crease.
Crease values range from 0 (completely affected) to 1 (completely unaffected).
Keep in mind that since this operation is additive, if you’ve already set one or more edge to a crease value of 1, to remove that you have to input -1.

The Mark Sharp flag doesn’t affect the subsurf modifier.

If it is for a still frame image then it can be faked by having 2 separate objects.

Maybe you could make it two objects, subsurf the bit you want and rejoin them?

Thanks so much for your help guys, it’s been really useful and in the end I got away with this:

I cannot thank you guys enough for how you’ve helped me!

EDIT: I forgot to mention recently how I needed to make a similar building and I found I needed to refer back to here and ended up using this:

That worked superbly for what I needed too

Thanks soooo much for all your help and I’m really grateful!