Can you think of the quote I'm think of?

I believe it was from a German person, probably a man, who said something like this: “What sort of society would we live in if families only cared for themselves?” He said it eloquently.

Can’t say I recognize the statement, but my guess is that a society where families only cared for themselves would consist of lots of borders, locked doors and big guns.

P.S. I bet people in this society would gravitate away from physical interaction in favor of virtual interaction.

Eh, there’s a lot of people I know, from my religious congregation, who I believe do care for me, but I never get invited to anything and they never have time when I invite them to do something with me. I’m single, and I sometimes hear about things that the family or person who has a family does, like watch a movie or something, and they didn’t invite me.

There’s this sister I know who had a husband who cheated on her, and so she divorced him (I think he was always a jerk). The friends she had, who still cared for her, didn’t invite her anywhere. An aquaintence of mine who knows her and her friends thinks that they didn’t invite her because somehow they didn’t think she would enjoy what ever it was they were doing, like only couples would have fun with couples. I think that had some truth to it.

But I’m still tired of being left out of every single thing. The families around here don’t open up very much. They just do stuff with themselves and forget everyone else.

Sounds like you could use a different group of people to hang out with. Religious or not, people tend to be very cliquey.
I personally don’t hang out with ‘‘cliquey’’ types as they usually come off as superficial or uninteresting. I’m usually up for hanging out with all kinds of people but not if they don’t have the same attitude towards me.
Check out and get together with people that share the same interests as you.
I’m not sure how old you are but I do feel that as you grow older, you grow further apart from you extended family and sometimes even your immediate family. Of course that goes without saying for friends.

@Henrymop: You’re certainly welcome to come over for dinner and a board game if you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods :slight_smile:

Thanks, atr1337, I really do appreciate that.

Rigby40, I would agree with you, but to put it as bluntly as a mace, I was a gigantic butthole, but I changed, and they still are a bit cliqy. There’s more to it than I think I can see.