Can you use a noise texture as an image texture?

This is probably a simple answer… but im not sure how to do this

I made a noise texture in the texture panel.

Is there any way i can convert this to an actual image texture so i can use it in the node-editor to add noise to my material?

I know there are noise nodes available, but they dont show me the visual representation of what the noise looks like. I like to fine tune it in the texture tab…and then use that texture in an image node…

is this possible?

I use this setup to render textures in Blender. Standard plane with orthographic camera. But if you use “node wrangler” addon you can shift+ctrl+click on any texture to see the visual representation( At’s a temporary emission shader).

Ah so there’s no way without setting something up to get this to work like i suggested… That’s good to know. I will use your solution now in the future…

Thank you for your answer!

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The best app for this task is Graph.ical. I use it all time.