Can you use an armature to animate a light?


I would like to add a light to the helmet of my character and have it move as the character moves.

I have rigged my character with an armature and would like a spotlight to move and rotate with the “head” bone of the armature

I’ve attatched multiple meshes to the same armature but I can’t see how to do this with a light

Any ideas?

Put your armature in Pose mode.
Select the lamp (this will switch ya back to Object mode).
Then Shift+select the bone you want to be the parent of the light.
The bone will now highlight and you will be back in Pose mode.
Hit Ctrl+p to parent the light to the bone and chose “Bone” from the pop-up.
The light will now follow that bone.

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Thanks a lot that worked perfectly

This worked for me as well, thank you so much!