(Cancelled) Nordostrov - FPS game project (.blend & Source Files Download)


Game tittle : Nordostrov
Developer : MorningStar game studios
Game engine : Blender Game Engine
Status : Cancelled
Genre : First Person Shooter

http://media.indiedb.com/images/games/1/29/28365/iconwhit.png About:
Nordostrov is Sci-Fi themed First Person Shooter set in another universe where the people struggle againts a virus that turns humans into another creatures which is causing human extinction, the virus it self is spread by an unknown enemy from another planet.

This game has 2 different mode, it’s story mode and survival mode. When you play the story mode there will be 4 different chapter with 5 mission in every chapters, and for survival mode there will be 5 different map to play with.

There’s many feature on this game and weapon customization is one of them, you can add an attachment to your weapons as you like, and it’ll take an effect to the weapons, like increase more damage, zoom in, and stability. Throughout the game you will find 3 kind of weapons it’s handgun, submachine gun, and assault rifle.

http://media.indiedb.com/images/games/1/29/28365/iconwhit.png Note:

  • This game will be free to download when it’s finished
  • This game is one man project, so it will probably take more time to finish this game.
  • More detailed storyline will be added soon
  • Check latest post for current update

http://media.indiedb.com/images/games/1/29/28365/iconwhit.png Screenshot:


http://media.indiedb.com/images/games/1/29/28365/iconwhit.png Lastest update video:

Sorry for very late update of this game as you know that I’m in collage, so yeah I’m bit busy than usual now. Ok let’s get right to the point, so I have a bad news & a good news for you, the bad news is that Nordostrov is cancelled… yeah I know it’s very bad decision for me to make but I have 2 main reason and also other reason for that.

First and the most important is that the game is not stable, I just realized it when I make ArtefactHunter the game that I’ve create a few months ago for competition, some of you might ask “why can’t you just make the the game stable?” well it’s easier to say than actually doing it because there’s too many thing that I must fix to make the game stable and ready to be released, even the base system of the game is need to be fixed which is take too much time.

Secondly the game doesn’t have a really good concept to it, from the first time I started making this game I’ve changed a lot even too much the original concept and idea of this game from gameplay to storyline, now I finally realized that this game doesn’t have enough feel or atmosphere to it to the state that this game is ready to be realesed.

That’s the bad news… actually there’s some other reason why I cancel this game but it’s not that important for me to say. I’m really sorry to all of you guys who wait for this game too long and now that it’s cancelled… I hope you guys understand the decision I’ve make. 
Now the the good news is that I will share the blend and source files of this game to the public and for free in the hope that this game will share some knowledge and educate people in game developer community who also using blender for their game engine. There’s plenty of feature in this game that might improve your knowledge in game developing like shooting, reload, & recoil system, weapon customization system, dynamic animation, environment lighting, etc.

And finally the most important thing that I must tell you is that I’m planning to make another game project, so yeah I’m still active in game developing and still using blender for the next project. I already have the idea & the concept which I hope it will work out well this time. That is all I have to say to you guys, again I’m sorry for making this hard decision & I hope you guys understand

Thanks for your understanding… :slight_smile:

Nordostrov .blend & source files download link:

http://media.indiedb.com/images/games/1/29/28365/iconwhit.png Nordostrov Pre-alpha download

Download link:
Note: Press Q to spawn enemy

In the first two weapons,it is impossible to hold them in hands,because of the handle.

Already fixed it…
thx for your suggestion :slight_smile:

Fixed! thx for your suggestion :slight_smile:

Best of luck, I’m sure it will turn out great. I really liked Z-Virus (and 2 looked awesome). My only crit is the ARCOB2040-T112’s scope (I think!), it looks too low poly. Other than that I’m all pumped for more updates. :slight_smile:

Every scope, weapons, and the other attachment is low poly on this game. The scope average verts is 120-280. Im doing this on purpose.

Btw, thx for your suggest and support :slight_smile:

Every scope, weapons, and the other attachment is low poly on this game. The scope average verts is 120-280. Im doing this on purpose.

Btw, thx for your suggest and support :slight_smile:

Loving the Far Cry 3 gun lift when you’re too close to objects. You’re doing a great job just don’t give up! There’s far too many great projects that people give up on and it makes me sad. ):

Oh and are you going to add leaning around cover as well? That would be sweet.

HK 461,XM8,SAR21I would like to see those weapons in the gameAnd also corner shot

I prefer the player to move it by himself rather than move automatically

All weapons and attachment design is based on my imagination,
so i won’t add real life thing to this game.

Arms industry:

Weapon fix forARCOB2030-T02 and ARCOB2040-T112

Main Character Concept art:

the Gun textures aint good…do one thing add materials…as required and then bake the textures,AO !
i think there is a good biased renderer which is free and can bake textures ! i forgot the name of the renderer…! and there is an exporter for that too…but if you want to know it without searching all over the internet…give me the codes…! :smiley:

It isn’t that bad, it’s the style on the game and i’m doing that on purpose. :slight_smile:

Very good project, I like the way weapons look. Keep it up !

ok ! a demo.blend would be great ! just pack it…because most of the times…i get a cube…! :smiley:

Really great job, the animations are so smooth and professional, can’t wait to see more updates, congratulations.