Hi everyone! My latest work “Bronze candelabra”.
Rendered with Cycles

very good shader.

wow! your render looks great that focus on candle. I wonder how would you make window turns into blurr that separate from candle?

@mycat isn’t it as simple as putting them on different index passes? (just started using cycles yesterday but that’s how I applied to different efects to different items)

Great model and render, nice work.

I love the base especially.

At mycat and topZi, To achieve the focus effect, you add a depth of field limit to the camera, and use a defocus compositing node.

very nice modeling, and good render to boot.

Thanks to everyone! Yes, for focus effect i use cycles camera “depth of field”, and for this work i did not use defocus from node editor.

@toph and @rza and zzero, thank you for these advices, i can try that such soon… @rza, keep up with your work…

i would love to see some candles burning on top of that!

I also made a candleabra but i think yours are better than mine :wink:

jafem. Good modeling. I think if you add some details and shaders, this will be good:)

jafem, good job…Keep up and show us after adding more details and shades would be great! again, still doing good job!

Nice model and final render! I really like the metal material you achieve.