Nice and simple. I believe it turned out pretty nicely though.

(it might not look right if your browser shrinks it)

Very well done! Like you say, classic and simple! The sharp points on the tips of the “feet” are a little detracting, but the candle light and halos are very nice! Maybe a very minor reflective surface on the table for a varnished look?

Wow, very nice! I agree about the pointy bits, can I ask how you did the flames?

It does look good. I like the glow around the candle, but I think the shape for the bottom of the candle flame needs to be tweaked a bit. Here is the flame of a real candle for reference:

very nice picture !!
however the tips of the candles look a bit “artificial” so to speak.

Yes, I think you nailed it. :smiley: “Ship it” as-is.

thanks for the comments :slight_smile: .

Looking now, I agree about the tips. AFAIK taper curve always ends in one end as a point, but I converted to mesh anyways to model the base so I might as well have softened that edge. I’ll keep that in mind if I do a revision.

the candle flames are really just image maps unfortunately :expressionless: . I did get a similar effect using just halos, but I was going to have to render that out and use that as an image map anyways to make the flames show up in the reflections so i decided just to manip some candle images is ps.

thanks for the tip and ref, though like i said, the flame here is pretty much and image. might have been my cutting from ps.

thanks again. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by artificial though. The color or the shape? The top part of some candles does get darker (stupid mesh thing, I should probably go back and find/kill it).

thanks a bunch. This was probably my first piece that looked reasonable from a psuedo artisitic sense.

I don’t want this to become a wip, but I think I’ll rerender with a few minor tweaks taking crits into account. thanks again people.

A very good work. I like the design of both candle-holder and candles themselves. Lighting is very good and intimate. I love this one!

sundialsvc4: one of your shortest posts I ever seen :wink:

that is beautiful.

although i agree with the coment about the glow, i still like asome glow on a candle, because in a real life situation the eye puts in a glow, even if a camera does not.


Hmm, nice work! I agree about the artificial look of the candles - but I don’t mind, let’em glow :P. I like it very much.


Very nice work, but I felt that the halos could use a little tweaking. From my experience when there is little other light in the scene the candle flame also produces a line or star halo that gets stronger the further you are away from the candle but is still quite subtle (maybe my eyes are just weird though). You’ve done alot better than I can do

VERY NICE - real, smooth, shiny - i like it, looks REAL

yes… I like it … but what’s the lamp doing on the floor >? Maybe hang it on the ceiling and let the ceiling get a shadow from the lamp structure ? nice work anyway…