Candy Cane Stripes in Cycles

Hey everyone. I’m kind of new to Blender/Cycles, so maybe this is just an easy question.

I have a tiled, diagonal stripe pattern that I would like to use for candy cane stripes. I have also made a candy cane. It is basically an eight sided cylinder. I seem to be having trouble with adding the candy cane stripes to it. I have UV unwrapped the candy cane, but it is just a mess. The stripes don’t line up well at all, sometimes not even in the correct direction.

Are there any pointers out there for how to get this done efficiently, or do I just have to manually manipulate every individual point on the UV map to get the spiraling candy cane stripes that I need?


My guess is that it has something to do with how you unwrapped your model, but without actually seeing the UV map and result, it’s hard to guess.

As you say, it’s basically a cylinder… What about Cylinder Projection to unwrap?

Well, you just need to do it before doing the curved part.

1 Go into front orthographic view. ([1] on the keypad.) Select everything except the faces at both tips. [U] to unwrap. Cylinder Projection. (Maybe I should have marked a seam somewhere? Any way, it works.)

2 Set the 3D cursor as pivot point. ([.] on the main keyboard.) Rotate the whole cylinder and bring it over the 3D cursor. (WORK WITH THE GRID! You need a loop cut perfectly aligned just over the 3D cursor.) Select and cut a tip with [Y]. Bring the cut tip to the 3D cursor. R, Y, 180 [RETURN] to rotate it.

3 Select all the loops above and on the right of the 3D cursor. [SHIFT W], -180, [RETURN]. That was the Warp function. Just note that the distance in between the loop cut and the 3D cursor determines the radius of the whole curved part.

Note: To bring everything at the horizontal above the 3D cursor is for the Warp function. There are rules about how it’s supposed to work… but who reads manuals? I don’t, so I found a way that works.

4 Select the cut tip and move it back where it belongs. (If you worked with the grid, that’s easy. Otherwise, you’re on your own.) Remove the doubles.

5 At this point, you can add more loop cuts to reshape the tips. BUT you can’t remove any! I used way to many loop cuts on the straight part but I just didn’t want to walk all my way back to step 1 with [CTRL Z].

6 Admire! :wink:

<facepalm> I should have thought about unwrapping it before making the hook. I can’t wait to try this when I get home. Thanks a million!

Do you by chance have a video or instructions how to get to the point where you started the screenshots in this thread? I know I’m 9 years late to the party :laughing: