Candy Crush

Hello! First, this is totally noncommissioned work I am doing, in my spare time. Actually I should be game creating but I am taking a break and just doing modelling, shaders and animation.

I have no association with, the logo is hand made in blender from their logo so if needed to say the king logo belongs to

Anywho, here are some initial test renders.

The logo, I made it striped instead ^^ here´s the shader group nodes for that.

Here are some candy renders (the candy are mainly to be used as particles, but was fun to model took like a full day to compete all, then creating the wrapped and striped ones where just new shaders)

since you can only have 3 images per post, here comes some close ups.

the choco bomb, if you´re hooked on the game as I am., this is the one that usually helps you clear the stage.

here are the striped ones.

the backdrop, first I could just use an image created in photoshop, but I wanted to make everything in Blender and be more flexible.
So Instead of a studio backdrop (a sloped plane) I created this room w/o roof or floors with duplicated lights to create the gradient I wanted. Now I can pan the camera 360deg around in there for animations.

link to short video of the room/backdrop setup.

I have absolutely no knowladge about this game, but it sounds like a funny game to play. You’ve made some nice candies. I like the close ups :slight_smile: Your light box is a good alternative to the standard backdrop. But the last render looks a bit overexposed imho.

Thanks, never ever start playing it. to addictive :stuck_out_tongue:
I know I was supposed to use them as particles, so just put them on a ground plane 3 point lighting,
to see what I needed to fix in the meshes. There where some small tweaks I could do.