Cannabis all around

Been a while since i’ve done anything in blender, and as a comeback project i decided to do something cannabis related, since i don’t think i’ve ever seen any 3d cannabis renders, at least not in blender.

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice :smiley:

I misread the title as “cannibals” all around.:o

@SterlingRoth, interesting bong shape, :slight_smile:

adding more stuff

Its gonna be a tough job rendering it once its all finished, 470k verts right now and preview rendering is really slow; any tips for that?

Yeah, she wants strong light…:wink:


finally a marihuana related render…

little test render

You’re a dealer? :smiley:

For the moment I find the lighting is too dark

Weed Moment :smiley:

can we 3D print this? :stuck_out_tongue: Interesting topic…add a translucent node to the leaf material…will allow light to pas through them :slight_smile:

whaaaaat? you mean like poker dealer ,?:eyebrowlift:

Great idea for some blending. I did make a single leaf way back in the day when I was still learning modeling, glad to see that you are making a whole room.

Looks good so far, my mouth is getting dry just thinking about it! :slight_smile:

added translucency to the leafs, plus did basics of some other materials.


My Bong’s name is Pete.