Cannon Minion (LoL)

Trying to re-create a cannon minion from League of legends! What do you think so far??
How should i go about creating the minion??

Few Edits have been made
Prototype Minion Complete -

Edit 2

New Minion Update!

More Edits!
In Engine Footage

It looks like your model has too many polygons in some areas. (Which also clashes very much with the inner part of the cannon which is an octogon Part of what makes the league of legends models so appealing is the low polycount, with the amazingly painted textures. Seeing that you’re using Unity, I think it would be a good idea to continue with the low poly look.

You need more work in the hood of the minion. His head is too round, and it looks like he has subdivision surfaces. Also, don’t forget his metal hands.

Are you trying to do a 1 to 1 recreation? or put your own spin on it? In which case, why stop at just changing the wheels?

Do you plan on painting your texture like in the game?