Cannon/Tank Gun Muzzle Flash + Smoke

I have been pondering on how to do this for some time. Basically, I want to create something like this:

With a low-poly art style as well. Here is what I made:

All it does is add an object that rotates randomly and adds smoke (that has animation and motion actuator) every 2 frames or so. Then after 20 frames the object deletes itself. Sure this can all be done much better with real randomness, but the real problem is that it looks a bit weird when moving. Also, I don’t know how I could make that flash. A texture, perhaps. It should be a quick flash, not some battleship gun type of firing.

You can try and use premade particles, they look really cool and there are thousands of them. I’m using some particles from Unity asset store, like video texture on а plane.

And these are GIFs? Or sprites? And how do I use them? Anyway, thanks, I shall check it out!

you can even generate these in blender by rendering to still frames, and then joining the images in game by pushing them into a texture buffer.

fire sim + particles as source + physics is cool

I have a example if the buffer thing if you like

OK, I found one that looks quite cool, as well as the one you posted, that is also very cool and very close to the look I want.

Can I somehow change the .GIF format to the sprite thing?
If not I will have to find another way…

Create a video of this particles with lets say 128x128 dimensions. Then use blender videotexture to play the video on a plane in the game engine with additive or cutout alpha.

OK, that looks promising, I will try…

as far as I remember the video texture is not unique
(each sprite is the same play frame)

best to use a plane and set uv using object color (nodes) or set uv in python with libnew object

or replace mesh each frame