Cannot change pose when 'Rest Position' is enabled

Didn’t change any settings at all, then I get this message. This program is just a clusterfuck of glitchiness.

By the way, have no idea if we’re allowed to swear on here, so if not just edit the word out

Of course you didn’t, this setting just switched itself, happens all the time when you’re not looking:


Yeah, I’ve been using this. Now, when it’s in the rest position and I go in pose mode, it comes up with this error message, which it never did before so I wonder what the hell’s going on there? Also, I just made a thread on why the rest and pose positions are so different when I didn’t do anything? Would appreciate it if you could help me out. Thanks.

Don’t know if it happens to you, but I’m constantly hitting hot keys by mistake and turning things on or off that I don’t intend to (or even notice right away). Comes from being a fat fingered typist, I guess. You might want to check whether that button has a hot key in the User Preferences Input tab, and, if it does, either turn the hot key off, or change it to something you can’t press by mistake.

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