Cannot drag and drop material

In the following video:

a method of dragging and dropping materials is explained, but I can’t get it working in Blender 2.9.
It won’t let me CTRL+click on material icon, that he did in [0:22]
It will always open material drop-down list, like I clicked it without CTRL pressed.

I know we can drag and drop materials from outliner, and that method actually works, but it isn’t too comfortable in use.

I know, in Blender 3.0 we have asset browser which also enables dragging and dropping materials, but nothing would be as convenient as using the material properties tab.

In 2.93 (the one I have) you do not have to CTRL+Click. Simply click and drag the material icon.

Doesn’t work either.
When I hover my mouse over that icon, it insists on opening the drop-down material list. I cannot even click and drag. It’ll always show the list only.
Maybe my preferences settings are different?

You must have “Open on mouse over” selected in preferences. If you deselect you will be able to drag.


DNorman, thank you a dozen times!
Now it works.
This is a game changer to me :partying_face: