cannot edit armature/mesh imported from MakeHuman

Hello- I am new to 3d modelling, and saw that it might be possible to skip through making a human model from a lot of basic shapes stretched, pulled, etc. by simply importing from MakeHuman. Capital idea. So I got it done, however, I am unable to understand how to use Blender to edit the mesh of the armature, there is no “sculpt” mode option available when I open the .mhx or after I have saved it as a .blend. I have noticed other perplexing changes when I open a .blend file, I will ask those later. I am presently considering trying to join simple models to the armature, seems inordinately difficult and not looking very good so far.
Update: The workaround(?) is to add a mesh, and to edit the mesh, then join the mesh to the armature.
If there are no other suggestions, this post can be marked solved.