"Cannot execute boolean operation" -.-


I have a problem with the boolean modifier… I have two objects and I would like to use the boolean modifier (difference) but for some reason it doesn’t work… I removed mirror modifier, edge split modifier and I even tryed to remove doubles but nothing works :mad:. Is there a fix for this or is it just because I’m so f*king bad at 3d modelling?

AK 12.blend (1.73 MB)

Ps. The objects are on layer 2 if it doesn’t automatically direct you to there :yes:

Delete the edge split modifier from the 123 object and apply the mirror modifiers for both objects or if you want to keep the mirror modifier for the main object, move it to the top of the modifier stack so you boolean the mirrored object

It worked but I didn’t get to keep the mirror on the main object (the one that had the boolean modifier)… Well atleast I got what I wanted! :slight_smile:

Apply boolean, delete half and re add mirror modifier