cannot find ICARUS, need guidance

Some how i came to know about a software named ICARUS which can track camera. I searched the web but cannot get it, as a site say that it stop users from download it. I had used voodoo camera tracker and used it in blender, it was dame good. Now it want to check out ICARUS. So if anyone can share a copy of the software so that i can check it out with blender.

Please reply with the size of the software and i will pass on my id. Thanking you in advance.

Icarus was free to use, but has changed to a payed package. The last free version was 2.09 (as far as I know) which can be found quite easily on the web. Or even easier by doing a search for it here on elysiun.
You need to be very careful though about copyright issues, because before you know it you might be doing illegal things.
One last note: you might wish to check out the blender import script for icarus and the tutorials made by Colin Levy (effstops).