Cannot get anything from this video to work.

Hi everyone! I’m new to the blender game engine. I’ve been trying to find a couple tutorials/templates to get a small project started but nothing actually works. I’ve been following the exact steps but cannot get anything to work.

Sometimes I get a “Python Module cannot be imported” error in the console, sometimes its KX_something. Is Blender Game Engine actually broken?

At the moment I’m trying to get a basic shooter running, not an fps, more of a 3d isometric/top down shooter, somewhat like Killzone Liberation for the PSP, but obviously not as high in production quality.

The video here shows how to get the mouselook effect that I’m trying to achieve but sadly it won’t work for me.

Any help or suggestions?

-Abdul Ahad

Rather than posting a video that shows how it works, you better provide more details on what does not work.

  • the complete error message (you can copy&paste from console)
  • the code you used (please use code tags)
  • the setup of your logic (description or screenshot)
  • how id you run the game

You can even post a demo .blend that we can have a look.

I’ve attached the file along with what the error looks like. Sorry about being so ambiguous with the question.

I followed exactly what this video did till the 0:43.

-Abdul Ahad


MovementTest.blend (481 KB)