Cannot get image error

New in the image window is not working. I’m getting this “cannot get image” error whatever I do with my image map. I’m trying to texture paint the thing but nothing is happening, presumably because there is no image there.

The problem happened when I moved by .blend from one box to another, with completely different file systems (ie from Linux to MS Windows). Blender couldn’t find the original file (I didn’t move it across) but “New…” did not do anything.

Any ideas?

If I understand you, you are trying to make anew image in the image editor to texture paint. If you have texture paint enabled, you will not be able to open a new image - you have to revert back to UV Face Select , and turn off the Paint tool in the image editor. Load a new image, or create one, then swap back to Texture Paint and turn on your Panit Toll in the image editor.

I hope this is what you were asking for. Also, I think you need to make sure you pack your textures before migrating your .blend to another computer. Then you can unpack, and the original images will be there for you to continue to change.

Good luck, and keep Blending!!

So that’s what it was… I clicked various buttons at random, and eventually it let me ‘new’ a new canvas. I must have accidentally done what you suggested.

Hopefully this will be migrated to the documentation, or maybe it could provide some sort of message.

I’ve also noticed that you have to save a new image before doing anything, I guess so that there is a real file out there for it to update.

Next time, you can use the Pack function to roll those textures into the blend file.

Ok thanks, it’s working now.