Cannot get relfections on a glossy Cycles material

Since I started writing this posting, I found that reflections will appear in this material as long as the colour is not absolute black. But what if you want an absolutely black material that IS reflective? Is there some light physics reason for this?

try something like this

but using only one glossy sharp will give some reflection too


Thanks Ricky. I am a bit confused, though, why the node system you illustrated doesn’t result in a grey (white and black mixed). Is it the Beckman and Sharp options that keep it black?

can you show pic and node set up you have
cause i don’t have any greyish color in mine!

so don’t know what you tried !


I haven’t tried it, i was just trying to understand the logic by looking at your pic! it works, but it seems like it shouldn’t work!

I guess what you mean to say is that why cant a completely black object be glossy…

Well with whatever little knowledge of physics I have…i understand that gloss is the ability of the objects to reflect incident light which gives them that lighted feel…but a truly black object set as 0’s under the RGB channels will not allow light to reflect from the surface and absorb that…I guess thats why a truely black object cant aquire a gloss shader effectively.

Ricky has given a wonderful technique to combine shaders and get an optimum result… :slight_smile: well u can just use a glossy shader instead and just make it a deep gray…Besides nothing in nature is a true black so that wudnt really kill any realism :slight_smile:

Hope my answer satisfies your query :slight_smile: