Cannot see objects in edit mode

I’ve created a model. (see on the photo) In object omde I can see lashes as a part of the head. I decided I want to delete them, but when I switched into edit mode, lashes are nowhere to be seen. I tried unhide all objects but it didn’t help.

My suggestion is that the prblem started when I added shape keys for blinking (lashes moves with eye lid), but I’m not experienced in this area and have no idea how to solve it.


Try Alt H in edit mode (unhide)

Tried that. Didn’t help.

Let’s see an uncropped screengrab where we can see the mesh info panel.

Any specific part you wanna see?

Show as much info as you can… anything may be a clue. (tip 1 for asking for help on forums)

Here they are.

It’s no use. Images only help the one who writes the post. An example .blend is what carries information and is used for actual troubleshooting, and the source for images when writing the reply.