Cannot see the effect of bump maps and ref/spec/hard maps

Ok, so I’m learning blender by reading “Introducing character animation with blender” by Tony Mullen

So I’ve run into minor problems at two points in the tutorial. The first was when adding the logo to captain Blender’s chest, I got the logo on well enough. Then I was told to make it shinnier than the rest of the texture by hitting the Ref, Spec, and hard buttons, and setting the Var to 0.400 under the “Map To” tab. So I did this, but once rendered I saw no difference in the shininess of the logo.

I thought “whatever” and moved on

But when I got to giving the eyebrows a bump map and making them shiny, I came across the same problem

Any advice to figure out what I did wrong? I keep going through the book, but I cannot find any steps that I might have missed.

shinyness depends on the light and how it is hitting it. a nice soft hemi light won;t cause any specularity, for example.

Ah there we go! thank you PapaSmurf, I increased the light and I was able to see the shininess of the logo. =D