Cannot use blender anymore it doesnt make sense.

I’m trying to follow a video showing how to do something. And part of it is scaling an object. So i press S to scale but instead of scaling the object i start pulling some random dotted line out of it now, whereas before i could scale no problem!!!

Why is this programs interface so difficult to use I am close to tears with how non-sensical the entire interface is. It makes me feel like a stupid child with its millions of buttons where nothing of which is simple. What about applying an image to a shape? In the old days you probably only needed 5 clicks to do this. Now you have some 20 step process involving setting up materials, and other rubbish…

Can someone recommend something a lot like blender but easier to use because I am not holding a PHD in computer modelling I’m just a regular person that wants to do some animations and things.

I’ve given you some links in your other thread. I suggest you go an look at them If the current version of blender is too difficult for you, the earlier versions are still available on the site or you could use something like sketchup for modelling.

Best advice I can give: Pick ONE thing. Learn it. Repeat.

no need for the tantrum, more than likely its something simple, to get help post a screenshot of what you mean, but my guess is you have transform centers only on, its in the 3d view header (bar at the bottom) it have 3 circles and an arrow.

to put an image on a model, simply unwrap your model u-><somthing> then in the UV editor assign your image, then in 3dview turn press N, under display turn on textured solid and bingo

Blender is full on professional CG authoring suite its not baby’s first CG program :slight_smile:

blender is a 3D modelisation software
and any soft like blender has a difficult learning curve!

you need to start at the beginning and learn the different aspects of 3D CG
like modelling and all the basic or later on advance editing tools then material and texture ect…

you can follow some basic intro videos at Cgcookie or blenderguru ect…

so no you cannot learn it inside a week sorry !

and your lucky you can ask questions here on this forum or other ones
so take your time and you’ll learn it slowly and over time become good at it

good luck

happy blendering

I know how you feel when I first started I did not know how to navigate the interface. The best thing you can do right now is watch some extremely simple tutorials. I reccomand the ones on cgcookie. Ecause they are well paced and easy to follow. Besides that you can’t give up so darn fast. Blender is a very sophisticated 3d program it’s not like Word or even chrome. All the trouble you go through now will be worth it.

Before using blender , i used 3ds max for say 5 years. when i started using blender i just not able to do anything in it, but now it feels so good at many things .so please have patience.

Tutorials from Blendercookie, BlenderTuts, Blender guru help me a lot.i think u might need that tutorials.
U can follow Andrew Price and Jonathan Williamson.

A bit more…

Learning ANY 3D software is time-consuming and confusing. Blender is a bit off the beaten path in its approach when compared to other applications, and so it takes a bit more effort to understand the paradigm. Once you’re over that hump, it does get easier… Although it still doesn’t really get easy. Each new part of the software will present its own challenge for learning.

Don’t expect to become an expert overnight. I’ve been learning Blender for more than a year and a half and I don’t think I’ve learned more than about 10% of it. Mind you, there’s a lot can be done with that 10% and it’s a very SELECTED 10% as well.

Best thing to do is start with modeling and the interface. Check out one or two tutorials from each source to find out which ones you connect with. Once you find that connection, you’ll have found someone who thinks more or less the way you do. Start there and learn all you can from that person. With that as a knowledge base, branch out.

3D Animations? all the programs for that are going to be complex and difficult.
(Maybe more than Blender, Have you ever tried Houdini?)
If you want something easy try Sculptris, but it’s only for sculpting

I think we’re talking to the wall, guys. :slight_smile: crazycrinkle seems to have left the building.