Cannot zoom in..only out !!?

I would say I am a pretty experienced blender user so I know how the interface works pretty well and everything, but I have come upon a rather frustrating problem.
My problem is that since buying a new computer. which unfortunately has Windows Vista pre-installed on it I can no longer use blender effectively!
Why? Because when ever i use the scroll wheel on my mouse it only zooms out no matter what direction i roll it!?

Any and all help is appreciated thanks! :smiley:

go to the user preference at the top of you screen then adjust the setting for your mouse

2 or 3 buttons and select pan or zoom


I’ve heard of problems with this before, though, and I think they were driver problemes but I’m not finding anything on google at the moment.

I did find this for some kind of mac mouse that involves rubbing the wheel upside down on paper with some force behind it …

if its a microsoft laser mouse than the thread on this topic is