Canon 5D Camera Preset ...missing?

I’m following a video tutorial that uses the Canon 5D camera preset and I can clearly see the author select it from a drop-down menu. But it’s not listed for me. What’s the story on camera presets, does that one need to be downloaded separately? Did it used to be a standard preset in older versions of Blender but got dropped? If I can’t get it can I somehow re-construct the preset?

They must have taken it out because the list is getting too long… but this one is easy.

The 5D is a full frame camera (35.8mm sensor) so either use full frame or just put in 35.8 and the focal length of whatever lens you used. After that you can add your own preset.

Got this one laying around:

import bpy = 36.0 = 24.0 = 'HORIZONTAL'

Awesome! Thanks guys :smiley:

We Blender users should create a camera settings repository to archive the ones that get dropped from the list.

I get my camera data from and do what eppo suggest, manually add in a new camera .py