Canon PowerShot S5 IS

Well, I think this thingy is finished, thanks to the advice received on the Focused Critique forum, so I’m finally posting it here. It’s the camera I own, good old PowerShot S5. All done in Blender, rendered in Cycles (set at 1,000 cycles).

EDIT: Even if this is already in Finished Projects, I found some time to tinker with the materials some more. The plastic is now subtly rougher and, in my opinion, more real.


the material is too clean, I prefer the material is more rough.

Seriously good work. Highly impressive.

To expand on what 220696 said;how about some post-processing in PS to give it a bit of grit…

Otherwise, this is amazing.

Impresionante trabajo!

I like all the textures. It looks very real.

Gracias / Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue: