Can't Access server from Blender

Hi Guys. I have a small production setup which is purely windows based.
I have a server which is named as “SERVER”. In this i have partitioned 500GB hard-disk space. Here only i save all my .blend files and its all relevant textures.


  • The main problem right now is from blender i can’t able to access blend files.
  • I have a renderfarm name “MUSTER” which will render the files only from the server and network.

I had done network mapping drive option but the renderfarm is can’t able to access the files. Is there any option to map server directly to blender???

Is the folder mounted as a network share on your PC’s? You’ll need to do that before Blender can access the files?

You might be interested in this Bug Tracker ticket:

Hey Buddy… But i really don’t know how to mount the folder… Can you help me more???
Thanks in advance…

Hey Buddy Thanks or the link. Its seems like its not reliable…

On the PC that is a slave are you able to view the .blend files in the file explorer?

Blender can only see the files/folders that your PC can see through Windows Explorer.

You would have to share the drive/folder on the PC where the .blend files and output are, and map those network drives on the PC’s that are going to be reading those files:

Hey Zeealpal!!!1 I tried this earlier. its is working fine in my local machine. But the bottle neck is i have a renderfarm which will take the file from server.
EX: 192.168.. is my server and i have shared a folder which contains blend files
The main issue is Blender is not taking UNC paths.

If i do as i said i can access files from the server only from my machine. But i need to assign this blend file to an another system. That work will be done by renderfarm.

I just need that the blender should read UNC paths \192.168..\Share

Just Open blender–>Ctrl O–> type in the address bar "\192.168..–> it will ask for create folder. Instead of that i need to open the path if write my ip address of my server.

I supposed you read my reply above but just in case please have a look at this:

UNC has limited support at the moment in Blender. Perhaps it will be enhanced in the future.

Thanks a lot again buddy. I am checking it… will update the status here soon