Can't change the number of child particles without affecting other particle systems

I am currently working on the particle hair of a wolf mesh. I have 2 seperate particle systems on it and wish to have 2 different types of hair. When I change the amount of children on one particle system or disable children entirely on one, it changes the other as well. Both particle systems are on the same object.

To be specific, when I lower the number of children on the FuzzHair particle system(it should not have children), the number of children on the ThickHair particle system(which should have children) changes as well. Does anyone know if this is just me screwing up or is it a glitch with Cycles itself?

The .blend is linked below.
wolf_16.blend (6.21 MB)

no, it is not a glitch. you accidentially use the same particle settings for both, thickhair and fuzzhair. to solve the problem you need to click free edit on one of them, (choose the one you have had lesser combing work since you will loose this) then click in the particle settings the little number to make a copy and rename it properly. now the hairsystems have dfiferent particle settings, and you can put different children numbers in each, by first choosing the particle setting for fuzzhair, type your children number, then choose the other particle settings for thick hair and put children number…

It worked great, thanks! :slight_smile: