Can't choose object by left clicking in Blender 2.8

Hi everyone,

I can’t choose object by left click in older version (ex: 2.80.59) while I still can do it in latest release (2.80.74). I can just choose them by dragging, not clicking. Are there anyone have the same problem like me? And how to fix it? (except telling me using the latest release :smiley: ). Thank you.

What OS and video card?

There were issues where box select would fail unless object centers were visible, but this sounds more like the opposite problem.

Use the latest version :smiley:

I’m using win 10 and 1060 6gb. I don’t know why I can choose by left clicking in lastet build (2.80.74) but not the other builds. Anyway thanks for helping me :smiley:

Have you done something to isolate the config files between the two version (like creating a config directory under 2.80 in the blender installation folder) that would explain how the two versions might be looking at different settings?

I run exactly the same setup and never saw an issue like this, so I think you have something messed up in the config or your environment somehow.

Try File->Load Factory Settings in the old version and see if that makes a difference. It could be something in the keymap got messed up for example. This is easy to do if you play with the Assign Shortcut right click menu option, where if you click on the highlighted blue press-a-key button it assigns left-click to the function.